Breaking new ground in influencer marketing and philanthropy.

Our mission elevates influencer success while democratizing social impact: making it an accessible and integral part of everyday life.



Maintain brand identity

Remain authentic and relevant

Manage reputation and trust


Elevate exposure

Increase contributions

Acquire new donors


Deepen influencer connection

Unlock new experiences

Discover great causes

The Problem

Influencers resonate with audiences when they showcase authentic connections and shared values, offering insights into societal trends and causes. With nearly 2 million causes in the U.S. and 8 million globally, individuals face an overwhelming choice. Influencers play a crucial role in highlighting meaningful causes, helping to distribute the $500 billion donated annually in the U.S. more equitably. Encast bridges this gap by aligning influencers with impactful causes, democratizing philanthropy and ensuring a wider range of nonprofits benefit from generosity.

Encast Inspire™

Encast Inspire™ revolutionizes the way influencers connect with their audiences and champion causes. Our pioneering platform, backed by patent-pending technology, empowers influencers to engage in impactful philanthropy, aligning their campaigns with their values and those of their followers. This not only deepens connections but also promotes a culture of giving, making philanthropy accessible, meaningful. Join our movement towards a transparent, inclusive philanthropy, where every contribution creates a ripple effect of positive change.

Elevating Engagement, Retention, Brand, and Social Impact

Encast's approach to influencer philanthropy is designed to elevate engagement, retention, brand, and social impact by leveraging the influential power of individuals and organizations. This strategy aligns with the growing demand from Millennials and Gen Z, who dominate the workforce and consumer base with over $700 billion in buying power and are deeply committed to authenticity and social consciousness. Influencers like YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, who raised over $33 million for #TeamSeas from 250 million fans, and Taylor Swift, with over 600 million passionate "Swifties," exemplify the potential of influencer-driven philanthropy. Encast empowers influencers into connecting passionately with their audience through shared social impact goals, thereby enhancing their brand and fostering a culture of generosity and empathy.

Encast Social Impact™

The easiest, most cost-effective, convenient, and streamlined way for individuals to intelligently manage their philanthropy and connect with like-minded people, employers, and brands. Machine learning, a simple and rich user experience, and best-of-breed third-party integrations, such as Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Swoovy, provide almost 1.8 million causes – to which staff can donate fee free via payroll deductions, company grants, and other payment methods, all of which aggregate into a single yearly giving receipt for tax purposes.

A mobile-first, user-centered design and intelligence learns and recommends, helping even the newest givers act like seasoned philanthropists.




Encast Social Impact™ was built for businesses of any size, in any industry, while simultaneously enabling individuals consolidate their social impact even if Encast isn’t provided by their employer.

Encast Social Impact™ was architected to promote philanthropy beyond workplaces. By embedding Encast into customer experiences, it can elevate point of sale, e-commerce, financial services, education, mobile, hardware, and other nteractions. This makes Encast the only platform of its kind: capable of giving businesses holistic insights into their team, customers, partners, and community.

Key Features

Fee-Free Donations:

100% of every donation gets to their intended causes

Lifetime Accounts:

social impact is managed in one place and taken anywhere

AI Recommendations:

helps even the greenest do-gooders act like seasoned philanthropists.

For Everyone:

engages followers, employees, contractors, board members, and other stakeholders.

Encast Labs™

Encast Labs™ serves as an innovation hub where consulting services and proof of concepts are developed on the Encast platform. Innovations from Encast Labs™ enhance Encast's offerings, benefiting all clients and users while expanding Encast's impact and reach.

What's in a name?

The name “Encast” is derived from the French word, “encastrez,” which means “to embed.” Our journey toward global impact is built around strategic integration partnerships.