Encast Social Impact™

The easiest, most cost-effective, convenient, and streamlined way for individuals to intelligently manage their philanthropy and connect with like-minded people, employers, and brands. Machine learning, a simple and rich user experience, and best-of-breed third-party integrations, such as Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Swoovy, provide almost 1.8 million causes -to which staff can donate fee freevia payroll deductions, company grants, and other payment methods, all of which aggregate into a single yearlygiving receipt for tax purposes.


A mobile-first, user-centered design and intelligence learns and recommends, helping even the newest givers act like seasoned philanthropists.Encast Social Impact™ was built for organizations of any size, in any industry, while simultaneously empowering people into maximizing their philanthropy in a fun, easy to use, mobile-friendly, environment.


Encast Social Impact™was architected to promote philanthropybeyond workplaces. By embedding Encast into customer experiences, it can elevate point of sale, e-commerce, financial services, education, mobile, hardware, and other interactions. This makes Encast the only platform of its kind: capable of giving businesses holistic insights into their team,customers, partners, and community.

Encast for Workplaces

  • Fee-Free Donations: 100% of every donation gets to their intended causes
  • Lifetime Accounts: social impact is managed in one place and takenanywhere
  • Machine Learning: helps even the greenest do-gooders act like seasoned philanthropists
  • For Everyone:engages employees, contractors, board members, and anyone else who influences organizational culture
  • Turn-Key:deploys in less than an hour; less than 15 minutes/month to maintain
  • Future Proof: Encast was built from the ground up to support any philanthropic campaigns. Start with Inspire™and/or Social Impact™then seamlessly embed it into customer, vendor, and stakeholder interactions.

Why do we believe in Encast Social Impact™?

Mission and Purpose

Clearly articulate the mission and purpose of “encast-social-impact.” What societal or environmental issues does it aim to address or improve? A well-defined mission helps in aligning efforts and resources toward a common goal.

Measurable Impact Metrics

Establish specific and measurable metrics to gauge the social impact of the platform. This could include data on the number of people positively affected, the improvement in living conditions, or any other quantifiable outcome. Transparent reporting of these metrics enhances accountability and allows stakeholders to track progress.

Community Engagement

Describe how “encast-social-impact” engages with communities and forms partnerships. Meaningful collaborations with local communities, NGOs, government agencies, or other stakeholders can amplify the impact of initiatives. Building strong relationships fosters a collaborative approach to solving complex social issues.

Innovation and Scalability

Highlight any innovative approaches or technologies employed by “encast-social-impact” to address social challenges. Innovation can lead to more effective solutions and increased scalability. Consider discussing how the platform plans to grow its impact over time and reach a broader audience.

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