People Analytics

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It can be difficult calculatIng the ROI of a workplace engagement tool, but the Encast Admin Dashboard was created specifically for C-level executives and PeopleOps to shape their workplace culture and community impact.

Data to Boost Engagement

Our easy-to-use executive PeopleOps technology dashboard makes it easier for your company to learn the interests and passions of its staff. Harness the power of data to make more relevant, engaging team events
and campaigns—ones that your staff actually care about.

Use your data to increase staff engagement, do more good in the world, and lower turnover.

Employee productivity increases up to 13%
A stronger culture drives up to 20% more revenue
Improve your employee retention rate 25-50%

Don’t know how much money you lose to staff turnover?

Fill out our free attrition calculator to see how much turnover really costs your company.