PR Expertise

Your Virtual PR Team

Your company cares about making a good impact on the neighborhood and the world around you. But you also have a
bottom line. You need to make smart business decisions, build a strong brand, and be seen as a leader in your industry.
That’s why we’ve made PR and brand extension a component of the Encast platform. In addition to your workplace
giving tool, Encast will become a virtual extension of your team.

Why is this important?

Public relations experts know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When you invest in Encast, you add an incredibly powerful tool to your arsenal. 

At a low per-user cost, you gain access to an executive dashboard that shows you the ins and outs of your team’s habits and passions. 

All of this becomes vital PR material without the need for hiring a platform manager or adding to your human resources team.

Encast does the work for you.

Our Expertise

Our team will be behind your company to help you gather the right data on your executive dashboard and help publicize your launch. We’ll help position your PR messaging around the use of this new tool as a recruitment and retention tactic.

Our team has connections all across the country and decades of experience helping businesses market their culture. Everyone will be talking about your company.

What You Can Expect

We will make sure you succeed with Encast. And your executive dashboard will serve as a constant source of data around your team’s passions and interests.

We will work closely with your marketing and HR departments to promote news releases as soon as you sign up—we can handle the PR around your initial launch as much as your company needs or wants.

We will help you implement programs and events that showcase those passions. Does your staff love your local animal shelter? Let’s host “dog days” in the office and spread the message that your business cares.

Together, you’ll get the most out of your workplace engagement campaigns when you have top-notch PR to boot.

That’s not all you and your team get with Encast

Check out all our other features and their details on our Features Overview page